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before the storm.

Title: Before the Storm.
Prompt: 046. time.
Word Count: 216
Characters: Nick/Miley.
Rating: G.
Summary: That one line still makes her cry.
A/N: I had to write this after hearing the clip of their duet. It's beautiful. I have mixed feelings about this drabble, though. Didn't exactly come out the way I wanted it to. Oh well.

The day she got the copy of their song, she knew that nothing would be the same. They sang a song together, something they had been talking about doing for three years now. And, yeah, okay, maybe it was a little bit because they wanted CD sales to go well, but she also knew it held a special meaning to the two of them.

There was just one line in that song that got to her more than any others. We were young and times were easy, but I can see it's not the same. There it was again. The thought of how much time had changed them. Maybe they were friends again, but that didn't mean there wasn't still things left unsaid, things that would never change. But then there were the other things. The things that put miles of space between them. The stupid song she wrote, thinking she'd never bother talking to him again. Him dating Selena. Her parody that she did with her best friend because she was mad at the other Disney princess for always getting what she wanted. She knows she could've handled it better, but she was fourteen. And now they were sixteen. and time had changed a lot. So maybe they just needed more of it to heal.


:)) good drabble
I do wonder how things in rl are going on with the two of them now. I love the real-ness, closure (or lack thereof) and emotion in this drabble <33
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