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not the end.

Title; Not the End.
Prompt; 002. final, & 047. truth. two in one! :D
Pairing; Nick/Miley.
Rating; G.
Word Count; 227.
They both knew that this was it.
Author's Note;
I was in a writing mood today. idk.

There was something different about that day, something final about it. She watched closely as Nick worked with the producers as they mixed their voices together so they would sound perfect. Miley never was one to be interested in the technical stuff. She just sang and sold records. Nick always wanted to be more involved. She looked up, only to notice his eyes staring back at her. She offered a small smile in return.

"I think it's almost done," he said, and part of her was just really relieved. It seemed like they had been in the studio forever and she just wanted to go home. Of course, the other half of her told her to never leave him again. She just nodded and he pushed play, the sound of their voices filling the small recording studio.

They sat in silence as the song played, and even after it faded out. Somehow, the song being done made the end of their relationship so much more final. They even talked about things never being the same in the song, but she didn't want it to be like that.

"Nick, I..."

"I know, Miles." And she knew he did. He always did. "This isn't the end." She knew that as many times as she sang about his lies, he had always been the one to tell her the truth.


o_0 hmm, this is an interesting take on the new album. <333
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June 2009

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